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Bewertungen von Grow Me Shampoo

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Based on 11762 reviews

I've been using this shampoo and conditioner for a few years now. I love it! It does everything it says its going to do. My hair looks and feels healthier and definitely feel and looks thicker than it ever has done. Definitely recommend.


As well as me buying the shampoo and conditioner myself ,I ask for it for Christmas and Mother’s Day and my birthday ,I love it ,it’s smell lovely to

Shampoo / conditioner

I love it and great my hair grow go well and no greasy oil etc nothing and prefect suit me also hurry grow longer hair ❤️❤️❤️

Great shampoo

I really feel my hair is stronger and thicker from a post menopause lady

2 Bottles of Grow Me Shampoo
R. (England, United Kingdom)
Shampoo working

I've been using this for 2 months and despite having very fine hair I've seen an increase in growth, with baby hairs showing nicely now.


I reviewed back in February after very little usage and was thrilled. However after more use, and more photos to show the difference I can honestly say I'm feeling more and more confident about my hair and other people are noticing it more now too.
I'm so glad I stumbled across this by accident it's now a daily talking point and I've pointed several people to the watermans direction for their hair loss/thinning. I really am so greatful especially as I can also pay via clearpya and pay in, installments meaning I can spend more on an order l. My most recent purchase were the salon size bottles and they're still going strong a month later, definitely worth the extra money.
In my photos the top left is when I started in January, the bottom right was this evening 18.07.24

Excellent product, my hair feels and looks so much better from the first use

Brilliant conditioner

Definitely seeing a big difference to my hair my fringe is getting longer now & my hair is getting thicker again never knew that wen you go through menopause your hair can become thinner I’m not has embarrassed anymore when I go out I’m no longer thinking if people are looking at me wondering if I have cancer again & it’s definitely helped my confidence


Excellent products, work like magic. Have transformed my dry, fine hair to normal looking hair. Also helping to regrow fallen hair 👏👏 Highly reccomend.

Fab shampoo

My hair has grown so much and it feel healthy been use it for few months definitely buying again

Lost for words

I’m 36 have 2 kids and from thick hair my hair thinned so much and I lost it! After going through a lot of stress I was Litrally left with very little hair(sadly I don’t have pictures) but the amount of hair loss was crazy I stopped washing my hair I stopped brushing my hair just to avoid the fair of hair loss! I done extensive research to all products use everything I can think of then stumbled across this!! The pictures below are the weeks of hair loss from week 1 untill week5 and now litrally couple of strands! I used the oil daily and the spray every night before bed!! I need to add to this something is happening with my white hair I can’t tell exactly what but I have taken a picture now and will continue to see what’s happening! Already recommended to family

Excellent Product

My hair has thickened and I am losing less when I brush it. I highly recommend both ghe shampoo and the conditioner. Seems expensive to purchase, but lasts ages.

Menopause kit - ⭐️ Most Ordered Set
Emma (Scotland, United Kingdom)
Buy it

I was very sceptical when I bought this but I have noticed a difference my hair feels Thicker and I'm not having as much breakage which is also helping my hair look better I will be buying again it is worth the money

Lashology® 15ml Advanced Lash Growth Mascara
Dorene A Glover (Illinois, United States)
lash out

i love this product!!!!

Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner Set - Best Seller - Your 1st point of call.
Barbara Mytlewska-Mcdonald (England, United Kingdom)

Love it and no grease hair and good grow hair

Feels great on my hair

Haven't noticed much in the way of where my hair has thinned but it does make my hair soft. I think there is less hair in the shower and that's good.

Condition Me® Conditioner for hair growth and thickness
Traza Glasgow (England, United Kingdom)
vitamins and hair products

very pleased will there’s product definitely be ordering again

Like magic!

I recently purchased the Hair Building Fibres- Dark Brown and I am thrilled with the results. Due to my thinning line I was looking for something to give my hair a thicker appearance. With just a shake of this magic powder my scalp is no longer visible and the colour is the perfect match too. I simply sprinkle along my parting and set with spray. It stays put until the next time I wash my hair and leaves no nasty residue. I have recommended this product to my sister and will continue to use it.
Thank you Watermans for restoring my self confidence :-)

Lovely shampoo and conditioner

I have been using this product now for nearly a year and the product has started to work although slowly, at the beginning I can definitely see a great improvement to my hair.

GrowPro Yummy Gummies Hair Vitamins, Skin & Nails
Elaine Smith (England, United Kingdom)

This is my second month of taking these ,I am noticing less shedding and my hair is definitely a lot fuller

Menopause kit - ⭐️ Most Ordered Set
Catherine Northey (England, United Kingdom)
Amazing Product

Amazing Hair Products. My Hair feels extra conditioned. The Grow Me Shampoo leaves my hair feeling Thicker and easy to manage. Hair looks Amazing. The Grow Me Serum leaves my hair looking fuller and more volume.
The Menopause Vitamins are easy to swallow, although the smell of Tuneric is a bit strong. Sometimes they cause a bit of a taste afterwards.
Would recommend this package as it has Amazing results.

Wooden Wide Tooth Detangling Comb - Hair Growth Comb
Dorothy Wragg (England, United Kingdom)

Brilliant product, service and packaging

It works!

I’ve been using watermans shampoo, conditioner and serum for 6 months. The first thing I noticed was my hair stopped falling out in the shower. Then after 3 months lots of new growth and now my hair feels stronger and fuller. Highly recommended!

Fuller feeling hair

I don’t know whether the ‘Grow Me’ shampoo and conditioner have resulted in any additional hair growth but I can confirm that my hair definitely fuller after using them. Will definitely continue using them.

Grow Me Shampoo for Thicker, Longer, Stronger Hair - No1 Best Seller