Grow Me® Shampoo & Elixir - Optimal Hair and Scalp Routine

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Revolutionise Your Hair Care Regime: Experience Rapid Hair Growth with Our Renowned Duo - Grow Me Shampoo and Grow More Scalp Treatment

Are you ready for an upgrade that redefines your hair care routine? It's time to discover the extraordinary benefits of our acclaimed duo - the Grow Me Shampoo and Grow More Scalp Treatment. These natural hair growth products have been the trusted choice for over 11 years, championing the cause of healthy hair across the UK.

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Step one on your hair growth journey is the Grow Me Shampoo. More than just a cleansing product, it's formulated with a blend of natural ingredients meticulously chosen to nurture your scalp and set the stage for optimal hair growth. Each wash not only cleanses but also invigorates your scalp, fostering an environment conducive to healthy, robust hair.

The journey continues with our Grow More Scalp Treatment, a high-performing leave-in product that grows hair from root to tip. Directly applied to your scalp each night, this treatment works overtime to stimulate your hair follicles, encouraging swift and natural hair growth that is visibly healthier and stronger.

Together, the Grow Me Shampoo and Grow More Scalp Treatment create a powerful alliance - a fast hair growth regimen that harnesses the power of nature to deliver the lush, vibrant hair you've been dreaming of. This duo isn't just about hair care; it's an investment in the health of your hair and an emotional voyage towards hair that inspires confidence and pride.

Choosing our products is not just a purchase, but a meaningful upgrade to an effective and proven hair growth regimen. It's time to join our satisfied community who have transformed their dreams of lush, fast-growing hair into reality.

Experience the transformation today. Upgrade to the Grow Me Shampoo and Grow More Scalp Treatment set – because you and your hair deserve nothing less than the best.


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Grow Me Consumer Study

*Claims data based on a study of 104 Females and 18 Males using a blank label
unbranded bottle of Grow Me Shampoo 4 times per week for 3 months.
Full report available on requested to Dr's and Government departments only.

Look after your hair with Watermans products.

* This is a great double solution for YOUR hair problems.  Make your scalp the cleanest and best possible place for hair to thrive.

Replace your normal shampoo with Watermans Grow Me and use our amazing Grow More Elixir, you can apply this on your scalp every night on problem areas.

* Results may vary from person to person” 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 834 reviews
Robyn (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)

Excellent products, work like magic. Have transformed my dry, fine hair to normal looking hair. Also helping to regrow fallen hair 👏👏 Highly reccomend.

R.H. (England, United Kingdom)
Lost for words

I’m 36 have 2 kids and from thick hair my hair thinned so much and I lost it! After going through a lot of stress I was Litrally left with very little hair(sadly I don’t have pictures) but the amount of hair loss was crazy I stopped washing my hair I stopped brushing my hair just to avoid the fair of hair loss! I done extensive research to all products use everything I can think of then stumbled across this!! The pictures below are the weeks of hair loss from week 1 untill week5 and now litrally couple of strands! I used the oil daily and the spray every night before bed!! I need to add to this something is happening with my white hair I can’t tell exactly what but I have taken a picture now and will continue to see what’s happening! Already recommended to family

Charlotte (England, United Kingdom)
At last something that actually works!

Absolutely over the moon with these products, my hair is finally growing and it’s also thicker than it’s ever been, will never use any other products now, I’ve tried so many over the years with little to no results and was so happy to have found these fantastic products. I finally feel confident enough not to wear any extensions now for the first time in years. Can not fault any of the products I’ve tried from here. Amazing!

Paul (England, United Kingdom)
My hair feels fantastic

Only been using Watermans for 60 days but I can already see AND feel the results. My hair is starting to grow back in thinning areas and my scalp is no longer red or itches. My hair washing regime has changed and thanks to Watermans will now stay the same forever. Thanks

Happy lady (England, United Kingdom)
It actually works!

I've been struggling with menopausal hair loss for 2 years and it was getting to the point where I had developed bald patches.
This isn't a miracle cure and it takes time, but I've now been using the set for about 4 months and it's given me my confidence back. The shampoo and conditioner are rich, moisturising and volumising. I use the elixir every 2 days as directed and my hair is growing back finally.
People have commented that my hair looks thicker and more like it used to. Couldn't be happier!

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