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Transform Your Look with Watermans InstaHair 3-ply Double Drawn Weft

At Watermans Instahair, we pride ourselves on providing ethically sourced hair extensions of the highest quality. Co-founder Gail Waterman, with over 30 years of experience in hair extension applications, has pioneered the exclusive 3-ply invisible reinforced seamless ultra-flat fitting weft, ensuring a natural look with no lumps or bumps.

Unleash the ultimate in luxury with Watermans InstaHair Double Weft, the pinnacle of premium Remy human hair. This revolutionary triple-layered weft, designed by Gail Waterman, maximizes volume like never before. Experience our best-selling 20-inch, thickest hair extension, packing 160g of pure, double-drawn, Virgin, Cuticle Intact Remy hair.

Choose Watermans Instahair for professional, luxury extensions that provide a flawless and natural finish, available exclusively through us.

The double-drawn process eliminates shorter strands, leaving you with full-bodied hair from root to tip. Virgin hair means it's never been chemically processed, while cuticle intact ensures every strand retains its natural health and shine. This exceptional design prevents shedding and withstands washing, delivering super thick extensions to the hairline for professional use.

The InstaHair 3-ply flat-banded weft ensures a smooth, undetectable fit, adding unparalleled volume, versatility, and a flawless blend with your natural hair. Ethically sourced and meticulously crafted, these extensions are the epitome of hair artistry.

By Watermans Instahair

Ethically Sourced Hair Extensions

Our hair extensions are sourced 100% from single donors, guaranteeing the highest quality and traceable origins. This commitment to ethical practices ensures that our extensions are responsibly sourced, respecting both the donors and the environment.

As a hair extension specialist, Gail has used all the main hair extension brands in the industry and made vast improvements to her own brand Instahair. Our professional, luxury extensions are the best grade you can buy, providing a flawless and natural finish, available exclusively through us.

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