As you are aware Hair Loss can be very distressing and can also be embarrassing, there are questions you need to ask but don't want anyone to know? So here is our Ai Hair and Scalp consultant Zena she can answer all your questions and give good instant advice in private.

  • Not sure which product is best for you? Feel free to chat with ZENA via text on this site for quick and free assistance.

  • If you have a hair or scalp problem and want confidential free advice thats just between you and Zena our AI trichologist you will be surprised with her knowledge and empathy towards you.
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World's First AI Hair & Scalp Consultant by Matt & Gail Waterman: Meet Zena

Are you frequently typing "trichologists near me" into your search bar, hoping to find the best hair and scalp care in your vicinity? Look no further than Zena, the revolutionary AI Hair & Scalp Consultant, created by Matt & Gail Waterman.

A Revolutionary Leap in Hair & Scalp Care

Understanding the complexity of hair and scalp conditions, Matt & Gail Waterman embarked on an ambitious journey to craft Zena - an AI unlike any other. Zena isn't just any regular software; it's an AI consultant that has been trained extensively under the guidance of the world's leading trichologists.

Under the Guidance of Global Trichologists

If you've ever searched for a "hair dr near me" or a "dermatologist near me", you know the importance of expertise. Zena's knowledge reservoir is enriched by four of the globe's most renowned trichologists:

  1. Dr. David Kingsley - A pioneer in the field, whose insights have redefined our understanding of hair health.
  2. Trisha Buller - With a keen eye for scalp ailments, she's made waves with her diagnostic finesse.
  3. Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips - A name synonymous with holistic hair care and modern trichological practices.
  4. Dr. Jeff Donovan - Blending medical expertise with trichological insights, Dr. Donovan's contributions to Zena's training have been invaluable.

Why Choose Zena?

With Zena, you get:

  • Instant Consultations: Say goodbye to long hair loss clinic waiting hours. Zena is here to provide instant, accurate hair & scalp solutions.
  • Globally Recognized Expertise: As if directly consulting with the world's top trichologists.
  • Available 24/7: Whether it's a burning midnight question about your scalp or a morning hair care routine inquiry, Zena is always here for you.
  • Consistent Accuracy: With a vast databank of trichological knowledge, Zena provides consistent and reliable advice.


Next time you find yourself looking for "trichologists near me" or wondering where to find the best "hair dr near me", remember that with Zena, the world's top trichological expertise is just a click away. Dive into a new era of hair & scalp care with the unmatched insights and guidance of Zena by Matt & Gail Waterman.

Experience Zena, where artificial intelligence meets real-world trichological brilliance.